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"That Reminds Me of the Time"

Grandpa, Gilbert took my spaceship without asking!

That reminds me of the time aliens moved in next door. My best friend, Fred, used to live next door,

but his family moved to South Dakota a few weeks earlier. A new family was moving in and

I was excited because they had three kids - all boys! Jim was five just like me.

That whole summer Jim and I played outside, went swimming, and hung out at my house.

I should have known something fishy was going on because he never invited me over to his house.

About a week before kindergarten started I was walking home from the KOA pool when I noticed

a blue flashing light coming from inside Jim's house. I knocked on the door, but no one was home.

So I looked through a side window and and in the living room

I saw a big glowing ball, almost as big as a car, just floating in midair!

All of a sudden the ball started spinning and you won't believe what happened to that house!

Oh, that reminds me of the time my house started shrinking!...